Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trollfest – Villanden [2009]

As you can see from the album cover above, Trollfest is not a band that takes itself too seriously.  The lyrics, which are a combination of two languages I don’t know and one that’s made up, are purportedly about drinking, trolls, and drinking too much.  I like all three of those things, so I can’t help but dig this album.  Unlike Finntroll, to whom Trollfest is often compared, there are no synthesized sounds (at least that I can discern) on this album.  Instead, the horns, accordion, and acoustic strings are all the real deal.  For some reason, this goes down easier than Finntroll’s arguably more catchy tunes.  The only drawback in my mind is the unrelenting death metal vocals which can dampen much of the melodic content of the songs, as they are always foremost in the mix and rarely silent.
01 - Wo Bin Ich Jetz Aufgewacht
02 - Der Jegermeister
03 - Uraltes Elemente
04 - Villanden
05 - Per, Pål Og Brakebeins Abenteuer
06 - Das Uhr Ist Skandaløst Schändlich
07 - God Fart
08 - Festival
09 - En Ny Erfaring
10 - Trinkenvisen
11 - Die Kirche Undt Der Mache

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