Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat [2005]

Critics will tell you that Jenny Lewis has a voice that is too sweet for an alt-country chanteuse.  They’re not wrong – Lewis does have a sweet voice, but don’t get that confused with weak.  I like the pack-a-day drawl of some of country’s underground matriarchs, but the intimate atmosphere of this record is engendered in no small part by keeping the drama in the lyrics, not in her voice.  For all of the darkness in the libretto – autobiographical tales of broken families, grappling with apostasy – it is never grim.  That’s a  tough trick to pull off.

 01 - Run Devil Run
02 - The Big Guns
03 - Rise Up With Fists
04 - Happy
05 - The Charging Sky
06 - Melt Your Heart
07 - You Are What You Love
08 - Rabbit Fur Coat
09 - Handle With Care
10 - Born Secular
11 - It Wasn't Me
12 - Happy (Reprise)

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