Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Crow Medicine Show – Big Iron World [2006]

Old Crow Medicine Show is often labeled as alt-country, which I suppose is inevitable when an old-timey band has as many songs about cocaine as this one does. However, most of the songs on “Big Iron World” could have come decades or generations ago, when riverboats vied for supremacy with the railroads (as in “James River Blues”) or supporting the worker’s union was a good way to earn a new orifice (“Union Maid”). Maybe then, it’s not so surprising that OCMS were offered their big break by another artist who made his mark by updating traditional folk music – the famous flat-picker Doc Watson. Watson’s daughter was so impressed by the group, at the time busking in front of a drug store in Nashville, that she passed a demo to her famous father. He in turn offered the quintet a spot at Merlefest, his influential Americana music festival, and their star has been rising ever since.

[Youtube] Old Crow Medicine Show - Minglewood Blues


Old Crow Medicine Show - Big Iron World
01 - Down Home Girl
02 - Cocaine Habit
03 - Minglewood Blues
04 - My Good Gal
05 - James River Blues
06 - New Virginia Creeper
07 - Union Maid
08 - Let It Alone
09 - God's Got It
10 - I Hear Them All
11 - Don't Ride That Horse
12 - Bobcat Tracks

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