Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maruosa - Exercise and Hell [2007]

It's tough to be a breakcore fan when you’re as god-damned tired of the Amen break as I am. Not so many years ago, after slogging through another seven-inch deconstruction of the same shit that I’ve been listening to for over a decade, I wondered what it would take for me to love Amen again. It turns out that Japanese cybergrind producer Maruosa had the answer, which is to pulverize it almost beyond recognition and shove it into my ear at a bazillion BPM. The trick is making me like it.
2007’s “Exercise and Hell” walks a very thin line between break-based grind and lawless cutup noise. With a little less structure, the result would be a fairly dull mash of hyperedits, but with a bit more structure the music would lose that manic peak that pushes Maruosa beyond his peers. Beneath the boiling surface, each track is metered by a hardcore kick that on first listen seems nearly as spastic as the rest of the music, but acts to contour the din into a decipherable but constantly changing shape. Earmarked by the kick and to a certain extent by the rasping vocals, the tracks unfold, swinging between barely-contained chaos and utter chaos. It’s quite a ride, and has established – at least in my mind – Maruosa among the breakcore/grindcore elite. You gotta try this.

01 – Hell-O Everyone
02 - Death Stretch
03 - To Point Of Nausea
04 - Fatman (Feat. DISTEST)
05 - Spasm Spasm Spasm
06 - Slobber
07 - Muscle Spark
08 - Ants
09 - Lack of Oxygen
10 - Repute One's Reverse Cruciate Ligament
11 - Deep Respiration from Nethemost Hell
12 - Come Back From the Dead
13 - Shit Power in a Showdown
14 - Styx

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