Monday, May 9, 2011

Hifana – Channel H [2005]

Hifana is a Japanese breaks duo notorious for their live shows in which they trigger all samples by hand.  I imagine that they must cut a lot of studio tracks based on that kind of live improvisation as well, as you won’t hear a lot of intricacy in the layering of sounds in the tracks on Channel H.  Instead, a few carefully-selected samples are cut and collated into continuously shifting phrases that can be intuitively understood.  I’m surprised at the mileage the duo can get out of something like a few bars of shamison music or whatever the bamboo-sounding percussion is in track five.  Generally I prefer music that feels more carefully composed, as opposed to “jammed,” but the good source material and playful feel make this easy to recommend.

 [YouTube] Hifana - Wamono

[Artist Website]

01 - Channel Push Breakin'
02 - Wamono
03 - Mr. Beer
04 - See'em
05 - Tanglang
06 - Now Thinking
07 - Nampooh
08 - Now Playing
09 - Ryukyu Long Board
10 - Akero
11 - Raggachin H
12 - Waiyandub
13 - www.Hifana.Com
14 - Peeteejay
15 - Asalato

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