Friday, April 29, 2011

Ulver – A Quick Fix of Melancholy [2003]

So Ulver just came out with a new album and it’s pretty good!  Thing is, those guys are so talented, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed at “pretty good.”

It reminded me that I haven’t posted any Ulver on this blog, so here: A Quick Fix of Melancholy.  This 2003 EP is has been described as neoclassical, but that’s just because it makes heavy use of symphonic pads and some string samples.  The melodic line of each song isn’t explored or expanded, but left to unreel into the dark and cavernous space around each track.  Too repetitive and dynamically sparse to be classical, but too eventful to edge into ambient territory, I guess this could be triangulated by Nico, Coil, and Arvo Part. 

01 - Little Blue Bird
02 - Doom Sticks
03 - Vowels
04 - Eitttlane

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